Omsorgsbildet 2013. Foto: Hans Jørgen Brun.

English summary / GC Rieber Foundations 2019

The GC Rieber Foundations contribute to social welfare, arts and research.
The Rieber family has always recognised that the company GC Rieber AS is part of the wider community. This led to the establishment of the first GC Rieber Fund in 1929.
Several foundations have been set up since, the most recent being Paul (Paal) Rieber's Fond til støtte for utdannelse av supplerende terapier in 2012.

As of 31.12.2019 the GC Rieber Funds comprise of the following charitable foundations:

  • G.C. Rieber Fondet
  • Johanne Marie Rieber Martens Allmennyttige Fond
  • Ragna Sofie og Chr. Riebers Allmennyttige Fond
  • Paul (Paal) Riebers Fond til støtte for utdannelse av supplerende terapier
    2019 has been very active for the GC Rieber Foundations.  We seek to help the weaker groups in our society, and to do that the Foundations have been a contributing factor in establishing variuos prosjects:

We always try to see what challenges the future brings for our society, and to administer the means we have the best possible way.

  • Barnas Fysioterapisenter (The Childrens' Physiotherapy Center)
  • Helgeseter - home for mentally handicapped persons and working farm
  • Helgetun - home for elderly people who wish to stay active after retirement and thereby also stay healthy
  • We support several local projects where people volunteer to maintain our mountain roads and paths in order to make it attractive to stay active for the people living in Bergen and surrounds.
  • Art therapy is a new project for us, and the children who have to stay in hospital for a longer periode now have a therapist working with them.  The aim is to ease a difficult period for them and their families.