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The GC Rieber Foundations contribute to social welfare, arts and research. 
The Rieber family has always recognised that the company GC Rieber AS is part of the wider community. This led to the establishment of the first GC Rieber Foundation in 1929. 
Several foundations have been set up since, the most recent being Paul (Paal) Rieber's Fond til støtte for utdannelse av supplerende terapier in 2012.

In 2019, the Foundations celebrated their 90 years anniversary. Our vision today is to support people with extra needs through their lives from children to elderly persons.

Forskerne må være kjent på anlegget for å utvikle det videre. Her Bente Jeanette Foss og Emil Sørskår.

Healthier with fish oil?

GC Rieber Oils are cooperating with Haukeland University Hospital on a research project to establish whether high doses of Omega-3 can reduce the level of inflamation in bodies.

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Helgeseter - a home for people with special needs and a working farm

When Helgeseter was established in 1954, the main purpose was to offer children with special needs a home and school. At that time the Norwegian authorities did not have programs suited for them.

The Foundations contributed to establishing Helgeseter, and have contributed to projects over the years.  We will continue to work with residents and staff at Helgeseter.

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