Omsorgsbildet 2013. Foto: Hans Jørgen Brun.

English summary / GC Rieber Foundations 2017

The GC Rieber Foundations contribute to social welfare, arts and research.
The Rieber family has always recognised that the company GC Rieber AS is part of the wider community. This led to the establishment of the first GC Rieber Fund in 1929.
Several foundations have been set up since, the most recent being Paul (Paal) Rieber's Fond til støtte for utdannelse av supplerende terapier in 2012.

As at 31.12.2017 the GC Rieber Funds comprise the following charitable foundations:

  • G.C. Rieber Fondet
  • Johanne Marie Rieber Martens Allmennyttige Fond
  • Ragna Sofie og Chr. Riebers Allmennyttige Fond
  • Paul (Paal) Riebers Fond til støtte for utdannelse av supplerende terapier

Our purpose

The purpose of the foundations that are administered under the name of the GC Rieber Foundations is first and foremost to support and develop charitable causes in and around Bergen. In addition, contributions are awarded to medical and other research.

For several years, the foundations have supported projects which fall under the UN’s sustainability goals, such as to assure good health, improve nutrition and stop climate change. The establishment of SEFAS – Senter for alders- og sykehjemsmedisin (The centre for age and nursing home medicine), Barnas Fysioterapisenter (The Childrens’ Physiotherapy Centre) and GC Riebers Klimainstitutt (GC Rieber Climate Institute) are all examples of how the GC Rieber Foundations, even before the UN defined its goals, were engaged in highly relevant charitable projects. It is not possible for the Foundations to help solve all of the UN’s 17 sustainability goals. The Foundations’ involvement in initiatives to develop Helgeseter, healthy nourishment and encourage outdoor activities all fall under the UN’s most important sustainability goals to ensure good health and promoting quality of life for all, regardless of age. In the coming years, the board wants to continue its work within the health sector. Supporting charitable work will still be a priority.
Active involvement from the members of the board and administration is key to ensure that the Foundations can make a difference in important charitable areas and to achieve tangible results. Instead of giving unconditional monetary gifts, the GC Rieber Foundations will actively monitor projects and spending to make sure that its goals are met. Active management entails a critical consideration of implementation capacity in order to preclude projects which cannot be followed through from start to end.

The GC Rieber Foundations directly and indirectly owns approximately 27% of the GC Rieber Group. This ensures that the Group’s employees contribute to raise funds for considerable charitable work.

Over the last 20 years the Foundations have granted more than NOK 200 million to various projects to public benefit. Although the board must always maintain the value of the Foundations' tangible assets, we are likely to be in a position to award between NOK 10 million and NOK 15 million per year.