Forskerne må være kjent på anlegget for å utvikle det videre. Her Bente Jeanette Foss og Emil Sørskår.

Healthier with fish oil?

GC Rieber Oils are cooperating with Haukeland University Hospital on a research project to establish whether high doses of Omega-3 can reduce the level of inflamation in bodies.

The aim of the study is to find out if very high doses of Omega-3 may reduce inflammations for patients with arthritis.  All patients will take a daily dose of highly concentrated Omega-3 fish oil for a period of six months.  If the study is successful, the patients will, hopefully, have less pain and also reduce their intake of medicines that have bad side effects.  Two colleagues from GC Rieber Oils are making important contributions to this study, both Bente Jeanette Foss and Torill Flatvad have a PhD in chemistry.

The GC Rieber Foundations are financing parts of this project.