Helgeseter - a home for people with special needs and a working farm

When Helgeseter was established in 1954, the main purpose was to offer children with special needs a home and school. At that time the Norwegian authorities did not have programs suited for them.

The Foundations contributed to establishing Helgeseter, and have contributed to projects over the years.  We will continue to work with residents and staff at Helgeseter.

Today, Helgeseter is a home for young and adult people with special needs. The farm is a workplace for those who are able to work, and they grow ecological vegetables and fruit to be served to the residents.  On the farm there are horses, cows, sheep and hens.  They have their own bakery, and workshops where woven products, candles and other arts and crafts are made.

"Felleshuset" was built in 2018/2019 and was financed by the Foundations.  The house is used by Helgeseter, the seniors living at Helgetun, and the children at "Eplekarten" Kindergarten.  The house had become a common meeting place, and has already been used for concerts, theatre performances, common meals and as a greenhouse in spring and summer.

Every year "Setersprell", a cultural festival is arranged with concerts and plays by the residents and local artists.