About us

GC Rieber was founded in 1879 by Gottlieb Christian Rieber. On occasion of its 50th anniversary in 1929, the company set up the foundation “G.C. Rieber and wife, born Gysins, Bequest for Bergen ”. The purpose of the foundation was – and still is – to serve the interests of the city of Bergen, i.e. to support projects for the public good.

GC Rieber was socially aware, visionary and of the opinion that everyone has a duty to contribute to society. One way he thought he could help was to set up the first foundation. The subsequent foundations and funds also originated with the Rieber family and the firm GC Rieber and have since been put under joint management.

In 2015 the three funds “G.C. Rieber and wife, born Gysins, Bequest for Bergen”, “P.G. Rieber and wife, born Martens, Bequest” and “GC Rieber AS Support Fund” merged to become “The GC Rieber Foundation”.

The funds are collectively known as The GC Rieber Foundations.

The GC Rieber Foundations celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2019. The foundation’s vision is to support people with special needs throughout their lives. Beneficiaries of the projects we choose to support include the very youngest in society as well as those nearing the end of their lives.


Foundation Established
The GC Rieber Foundation


Johanne Marie Rieber Martens Benevolent Foundation


Ragna Sofie og Chr. Riebers Benevolent Foundation,


Paul (Paal) Riebers Fond in support of education for supplementing therapies


Vibeke Rieber Sommersten og Bernt Sommerstens Foundation for support of sustainable development


“You have to stand for something, otherwise you will fall for everything.”

– G.C. Rieber

Objective and administration

The foundation provides financial support for social and cultural projects of public benefit, especially in and around Bergen. It also contributes to medical and other research..

The returns earned on the foundation’s invested capital provide the source of the funding. The objective is to achieve the highest possible long-term returns on its assets subject to an acceptable and clearly defined risk and to prevailing asset management rules as dictated by the foundation’s articles of association


The funds are subject to and regulated by the Norwegian Foundations Act.

The funds are registered with the Central company Register for Legal Entities and with The Foundation Authority.

Auditor: Ernst & Young AS

Governing bodies

The respective boards comprise 5 of members with 2 deputy members elected for a term of 4 and 2 years respectively. The same board members serve all of the foundations and are described as “the board” in the annual report.

Board of Directors 2022:

  • Bjart Nygaard, chair
  • Paal-Henrich Berle, vice chair
  • Jannike Rieber
  • Pernille Rieber
  • Vivi Cathrine Sommersten Brandstadmoen
  • Christian Rieber, deputy
  • Freja Skov Christensen, deputy