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Giving back to the community

Did you know that GC Rieber Fondene is the majority shareholder of GC Rieber AS? The profits we make are invested in concrete projects for the public good. This way, we help build a better society for future generations – be it inclusion programmes for young people, preventing loneliness or caring for older people. GC Rieber staff find it especially motivating to know that their hard work helps create a better world.

Natural resources should be passed on to future generations in at least as good shape as they were when we took over

– G.C. Rieber business principle no.10

The care statue

The care awards

Since 2001 we have been shining a spotlight on the outstanding contributions and care shown by people towards the most vulnerable and needy in society – primarily older people but also patients at the end of their lives, their next-of-kin, and patients with serious, life-threatening, chronic, mental or physical conditions.

For the

For more than 90 years we have sought to support projects for the public good in the Bergen region. The projects range from healthcare to arts and research.